Tuesday, August 10, 2010


*me at grandpa's house

Yes, i am. so what? Thank ALLAH SWT i found u, MR. HAZMAN. so lost without u. completed my whole life. lately, my mood swing. very sensitive. nak kate period, x pule. mungkin akan la tu x lama lagi. byk pulak hal yang mengganggu otak ni. so messy. hipotesis dan kesimpulannya, i really need support. but then.........the person which i'm looking for ain't coming. its ok. and thank GOD, again, i've got u, bubu. i dont need a parachute ;) CRYBABY-CRYBABY-YES-I-AM. The hurt from heart-ache would not subside. oh stop cryin la. yeahh! come! story mory pasal shopping. x suke jalan lama2 dkt mall tp x beli ape2. me mogok smpai duduk ats lantai kat popular. hee ;) saje. pedulik org kate ape. last week aman and me dah beli tafsir Quran yang kecil n portable. oh plus telekung yang sgt simple for hantaran. sikit je this month. InsyaAllah, next month me tinggal nak grab hbag but poor mr. bubu bcoz die ada beberape thingy lagi yg die kene cari. sgt cerewet mengalahkan saye (>.<)

..till then..

::happy fasting to all especially for my lovly friends::sorry for any wrongdoing::

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